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Every week, I cover a different topic for CTOs, from working with (remote) developers, technology, vision & strategy, cyber security, team culture to finance. These are my learnings from 20 years of Tech Leadership.

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About the author: Mark Wormgoor

👋 Hi there! I'm Mark - and I'm obsessed with leadership in technology. I have over 25 years of experience in tech, as an entrepreneur and business leader with a proven track record in consulting, start-ups/scale-ups and large enterprises. Throughout my career, I have built extensive experience in various industries, specializing in tech, leadership, coaching, operations, cyber security, and programme/project management.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to collaborate with renowned organizations including: CRH | Jacobs Douwe Egberts | Accenture | Shell | ING | ABN Amro | Van Lanschot | KLM Air France and many more.

As the founder of Tairi, I am dedicated to helping startups and scale-ups supercharge their tech utilizing cost-effective, tailor-made remote development teams. This venture stems from my passion for supporting organizations and individuals in accelerating their growth and success. I take a lot of pride in my ability to deliver exceptional results and drive positive change.

Before Tairi, as the Head of IT Operations at Jacobs Douwe Egberts, I led a global IT team of approximately 100 employees, overseeing all IT services for a workforce of 16,000+ individuals. This included the management and optimization of several large international outsourcing contracts. Before that, at Accenture, I drove multiple impactful transformations in IT Service Management, Software Asset Management, and Identity Management.

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Developer Productivity

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Remote Work

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  2. The “Head of Remote”

  3. The Remote Handbook + Five tools

  4. Why Remote Work is here to stay

  5. Async Comms

  6. Fun with Async Comms

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  8. Transitioning to Remote Work

HR for CTO’s

  1. Learning & Development - Stretch Zones

  2. Learning & Development - 70:20:10

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